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It was the semester when i needed someone who can fix our project. I didn’t know that it’s just a recommendation that u can or u can’t do, which i was bothered because in a group of 4, im the only graduating students, other 3 had to attend more semester because of other incomplete subject. But still I did comply.. I need someone’s help.

Fortunately, I have a friend who knows a friend who is skiiled to do the job. So in an instant, I met him and make a deal for such recommendation. It’s just a very easy task that he did it in a matter of minutes,no sweat. Gosh, I said to myself that my payment is not worth it because of that very little thing he did. But anyway, I also thought that is his skill, so no need to question. It’s lucky that he did it well and that’s fine with me, even if I’d shoulder all the expense because my co-group will not bother, whether not it will be accomplish. I didn’t know that it is just a beginning of a different friendship I had now.


A friendship or different more from friendship I think…