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sadness, heartaches



Nothing in my life seems special to me, nothing in my life seems okay, just full of regrets, full of mistakes. I want to learn from those mistakes but em still making it. No lucks, no life, just full of sorrows and misery. I want to be free from this pain, from this loneliness, from this miserable life…the way to the past

I want to start a new life, a new beginning, a life without pain, without misery, without problems, a life full of love and not hatred; full of faithfulness and not suspicion; a love without blaming, just caring, loving and sharing happy moments; a life without painful past; a life without him; a life with all by myself.

I feel all alone here, in the midst of nowhere. A want to be with someone I can trust, someone I can feel that I’ve been loved, cared and adore. I want to be free from all my heartaches. I want to hurt no more. I don’t want to feel the pain… I just want to be NAÏVE. I don’t want to love anymore because it really hurts so badly. I don’t want to love anybody because it just causes me pain, heartache and anxiety. But if all will happen, if I will not live, then maybe that’s it. I just don’t want to live. I just want to go far away from here, far away from the past, far away from this present, far away from my so called LIFE….