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I knew that im just ur second option from the very start. The one you just chose because ur just vulnerable. How I didn’t notice that from the very start. I hope that I’m much sensitive that time. I hope that this complicated thing didn’t happened to my life. I felt so alone then, that I didn’t feel any circumstances like that. I thought that he loved me that time and not I just represents someone else’s presence. I’m not rose by the way. Why I didn’t notice that? My name is different, even if he just translated it to English. When I knew and realized that I’m just the second option, it was too late.. I have fallen too much that I can’t escape from such situation. For more than 5 years, I’ve just discovered that I’ve lost. I have no alas in order to win for. I’ve just thought I’ve won the first prize,but I’m wrong.I’ve just thought that I brought home my trophy. But at the end of the day, its just a fake trophy…A fake feeling…A fake relationship…A fake everything…A fake beginning… A fake love, a fake happy ending… Will this fake love last? or just another imitation that I bought and never last? Or a second hand that’s not new, or a fake feeling and not the Original? That is a question that even me don’t know the answer, but let me think…