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Education is the source of knowledge;
That may bring oneself to an ease;
Whoever is courageous can obtain;
Through hard schooling they’ll earn.

Education is a joint venture;
Of support and those that go to school;
The failure of one is a failure of all;
That makes a blame in the future.

It is a continuous learning;
That makes a man wiser, as they say;
While man keeps on breathing;
He learns a lesson everyday.

In successes or failures have its lesson;
As long as the man shall live along;
In failure needs a better correction;
While in success means its continuation.

So youngsters, burn your midnight candle;
While your parents send you to school;
For every step of life there’s a lesson;
Especially when you’re on your feet alone.

-by: Rosah

(salute to the graduates! Welcome to the REAL world…) ^_~