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You are the air that I breathe;
The one I can’t resist;
My man, my shining armor;
The person I wanna be with.

When you are there by my side;
I wanna stop the ticking of the clock;
I just wanna be with you;
And my life will be lonely without you.

You are the apple of my eye;
The man I’m longing for;
Every day and every night;
Thinking that forever is not enough.

And when I woke up it’s just a dream;
You’re just a tale and so untrue;
I felt so sad because you’re not real;
And just want to sleep again to feel that it’s true.

You are not real, yes you are not real;
You’re just a character in every child’s story telling;
A play that will never be real;
So please, just don’t visit in my dreams.

-original free verse poem from MYSTIC TM, started on January 27,2012 and finished on April 17, 2012, 11:30pm