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I hate being alone, because it gives me a chance to feel the heartaches that you caused me over the years! I want to regain what I’ve lost before, but now I’m different. I have different views from before. Before I’m so in love with the love. Now its not really matter to me. No more feelings to invest. No more heartaches. No more romance. I’ve learned my lesson and it’s better to be hard, hard like a stone. All the time I’m alone, I’ve seen the scenario of being betrayed by someone you gave your life. That someone that you knew before that will do the least harm in your life. But I’m wrong, it’s the biggest heartache that I’ve known that I’d felt, and presently still feeling right now. Is forgive and forget really existing in this world?! On my part, why I can’t apply that idea? Those thoughts still taunting on my mind and it sends to my heart and give me heartache, until I haven’t noticed that I end up crying in such melancholy state, that I pity on myself, and by that time I think I’m lost in a big game that I can’t win in anyway I can after such major loss! $_$